The exciting sounds of a nylon-string classical guitar
with a steel-string jazz guitar making "music with a melody!"

Recently added to the mix of the two guitars is Spencer Pyne on bass guitar. Spencer brings to Close n' Counter the exciting sounds of both the fretted and unfretted bass. As Gordon explains, Spencer is the "n" between Close n' Counter... bringing the two guitars together into a stronger and fuller sound. Spencer has been a touring musician for over 45 years himself and is an extremely talented sound and recording engineer. His expertise is used in adding to the arrangements and in creating "the sound" that Close n' Counter is known for.



Gordon Close

Close n' Counter

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Richard Blanchard, the "Counter" of Close n' Counter (because he's the CFO... bean counter... of his company), has been a professional guitarist for over 45 years. He joined Gordon in forming Close n' Counter eleven years ago and they have been writing and arranging for audiences ever since. Richard's classical guitar training adds a wonderful element of chord structure and balance to the jazz sounds from Gordon's guitar and together they create an exciting sound strictly their own.

Gordon Close, the "Close" of Close n' Counter, has been a guitarist, teacher and performer for over 60 years. During his career he has played guitar for Judy Collins, Bobby Daren, Stevie Wonder, the Hilltoppers, the Denver Bronco's Band, Ice Follies, Ice Capades and numerous others. He is a composer and arranger for Close n' Counter and describes the music they play as "Music with a Melody."

Gordon is the designer and manufacturer of the Harvest Guitars line of high-quality guitars available at  He has created Harvest Guitars For The Troops, a non-profit that delivers new guitar packages to active-duty soldiers and veterans. For more information or to donate, please go to And, Gordon is the curator for the Rocky Mountain Music Museum, a unique collection of rare, collectible and unusual musical instruments and music related items. For more details please go to